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2016 Voyages

April is the beginning of a "year" for Coastal Missions. Between April 2016 and February 2017, our alternating crews will visit people living on the west coast of Vancouver Island, SE Alaska, Haida Gwaii, mainland BC inlets, and the archapelago of islands between Vancouver Island and the mainland, and east Vancouver Island. The vessel will return only shortly to home port for the Christmas break.

Follow the Coastal Messenger schedule through the year either online with links to Google Maps or in print (PDF file).

The Gold Crew is aboard for the Inlets South voyage until December 9. The crew will add up-to-date location details to the calendar below when possible. Click on an entry to display more information.

Fall reflections in the still water at the Hadley Bay homestead.

Inlets North Voyage 2016

The Blue Crew went aboard in Port McNeill on September 9. They spent six weeks visiting people living on north Vancouver Island and the islands in the Broughton Archipelago and in the adjacent mainland inlets. The forecast fall storms did not cause any delays or discomfort. The worst weather and vessel motion came when the vessel was already securely tied in Campbell River. The bright visit of the mission boat mean a lot to coastal people, especially as the darkness of winter approaches. And these coastal friends mean a lot to the crew.

North Coast and Haida Gwaii Voyage 2016

Coastal Messenger provides tow to vessel near Ivory Island

Brian Burkholder and crew (Gold Crew) wrapped up their North Coast and Haida Gwaii voyage in Port McNeill. They turned the vessel over to the Blue Crew on September 9.

During their six weeks aboard, the Gold Crew had fantastic visits. They visited so many people and places, Debbie Maxie said it felt more like three months aboard!

Most of their crossings of major bodies of water, like Hecate Strait, were blessed with unusually calm water. Always a nice treat for the crew.

They were able to provide assistance to a vessel needing a tow near Ivory Island light.

Teresa McArthur had the adventure of flying to Dawson's Landing in a Goose to rendevous with the crew there.

A wide-armed welcome of the Goose.

Alaska Voyage 2016

A successful voyage from start to finish. The Blue Crew - Roy Getman, Joan (Petunia) McKee, Sarah C Buschhaus, and newest recruit Janelle Duckworth - went aboard June 3 in Port Hardy. They made crew change in Prince Rupert near the end of July.

Janelle Duckworth "learned the ropes" quickly. This included getting her first pair of XtraTuff boots - also known as Alaskan sneakers. Sarah-C spent more time gaining experience running the Coastal Messenger and the skiff. Roy and Petunia are excellent at passing on their knowledge of the coast.

Janelle with XtraTuff boots hanging over bow of Coastal Messenger.Uncle Roy and Sarah-C in skiff to visit family on island.Uncle Roy, Petunia, and Janelle in bright coloured rain gear.

Open Boat

Every year after our annual maintenance period we hold a few open boats. This year's open boats were held in Nanaimo, Genoa Bay, and Victoria. If you missed them, don't worry, we will schedule more for next April after our 2017 maintenance. But really, the Coastal Messenger is an open boat year round. Wherever you see us on the coast, say hello. The coffee is always on. And the crew is almost always ready to give a tour.

Panoramo of the Coastal Messenger aft cabin and galley.

Spring Maintenance

During maintenance this year, weeks of rainy weather made it possible for Tom and Debbe to refresh some interior paint. Brian and Stephen improved the hydraulic steering system. The last jobs were giving the boat a thorough clean and putting fresh provisions aboard.

2016 launch after vessel maintenance.Tom making repair on deck box.Staging set up around the Coastal Messenger for painting.

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Coastal Messenger anchored at Friendly Cove.