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Coastal Messenger underway

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Follow the 2017 Coastal Messenger schedule through the year either online with links to Google Maps or in print (PDF file).The Gold crew boarded The Coastal Messenger on the weekend of July 22nd and continue the voyage to the Charlottes and south. The Blue crew caught the ferry home to Chemainus.

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The photo below was taken this past Jan.2017 Bill Noon, owner and captain of the retired mission boat Messenger III, brought his beautiful wooden heritage vessel to Ladysmith where the two ships could be photographed together.

Step Aboard

This pan shot shows the interior of the Coastal Messenger from the aft steps entry (left) to the mirror at the galley table (right).

Panoramo of the Coastal Messenger aft cabin and galley.


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Coastal Messenger anchored at Friendly Cove.