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Vessel Schedule

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Coastal Messenger is active without a schedule due to remaining Covid concerns. The crew is exercising discretion where the vessel goes, whom they contact and whether it will suitable to host anyone aboard.

Travel into the US by land will not be allowed until September 21 at the earliest - this will likley apply to vessel traffic as well.

Coastal Missions is scheduled to participate in Missions Fest Seattle which is being held in Edmonds at Westgate Chapel, 22901 Edmonds Way, November 5-6. We simply do not know whether we will be able to attend.


You can follow Coastal Messenger when the vessel is in range. There are remote areas on the coast where Coastal Messenger will not be discoverable.


If you would like to follow Coastal Messenger:

From Google Search, type and press Enter

Click Vessel Finder: Free AIS Ship Tracking
Click Vessels in menu bar above
Type Coastal Messenger
Flag - Select Canada from drop-down list
Click Search button
Click on Coastal Messenger - Pleasure Craft
Click Track on Map
Zoom in or out as desired